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Let us begin…
It starts with a sip of inspiration

A drink, with a difference for most – turned out to be a calling for us.

After reading stories of legendary botanical adventures, we set out to create a rum that could live in your imagination. Stories of shipwrecked botanists fighting off pirates, royal appointments and the threat of illness fuelled the expeditions of the collectors that changed the way we eat and drink. With an understanding of the past, imagine where our story will take you.

With every taste, let us transport you to the time of the heroic Plant Hunters – to send you on a journey that offers an experience like no other.

Deeply rooted in our founding roots

300 years ago a brave breed of human set sail into the unknown with a thirst to find treasure. But not your classic treasure. We’re talking plant hunters, not pirates. A collective of valiant botanists and surgeons looking for greenery, not gold.

They braved the high seas, with low expectations. Wanting to expand their minds and logbooks. They knew there was more to the world than their beloved Scotland, so they set sail in a bid of discovery. In search of colour and a brighter existence. Of flavour and tastes yet to be experienced. And of scent; exotic aromas to transport you far, far away.

Their curiosity rewarded them, and in turn rewarded us. Bringing their bounty back to Scotland. Our life would lack colour if it weren’t for their spoils. While their stories sound like fiction, they are in fact, fact.

With too many to tell, it’s hard to know where to begin. But pull up a pew and pour a glass, while you get to know our Plant Hunter. A drink that’s hard to put down.

Illustration Helen Wilson -

There are 11 illustrated elements on our label, each depicting part of our story, drawn by Helen Wilson from Witch & Watchman in Los Angeles. Elements include: an iguana that symbolises the use of rum from the Dominican Republic, a butterfly influenced by an infamous journey to source rosehip from China and a key that unlocked an infamous Plant Hunter after being captured by pirates on his European trip to source oregano.