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Our Adventurous Approach

Plant Hunter rum is not confined to a single region, crop or ideal. Plant Hunter is fun. Plant Hunter is adventurous. Plant Hunter is a spirit that has not boundaries.

We source base rum from around the Caribbean. We combine pot stills with continuous stills, aged rum with non-aged and add a touch of Indonesian spirit. We then select four key botanicals, one from each corner of the globe and re-distil with our base rum to add layers of flavour. Flavours to fuel your creativity.

The result? A juicy, well-balanced rum with an extra element of ‘inspiration’ – ideal for mixing with cola, serving up a classic jungle bird or letting your imagination run wild.

Be adventurous – delve into the spirit of Plant Hunter.


Alchemy in action

At Plant Hunter, we worked in partnership with leading mixologist Miran Chauhan to develop our rum. The starting point was a tasting session with 8 different spirit profiles, which allowed us to identify a based liquid. 

Next, we started blending samples of rum from distilleries around the world. This took us to a stage where we had a solid base and required us to identify what was missing that could be added by distilling key botanicals with the base. 

With over 100 botanical distillates, we tasted with the base and narrowed down to 10 which were then blended in at varying abv and volume. And tadaa – a year’s worth of experimenting, feedback and redevelopment resulted in our final unique tasting liquid. 

Tasting Notes


Mainly sweet and floral with a fruity hit that gets fruitier with every sip.


Like we said about the nose – fruity. Very fruity. Tropical fruits and pineapple combined with a deliciously melted brown sugar sweetness.


From a burst of full-on fruitiness to an overall clean finish. So clean, so clever, so Plant Hunter.